Name of Medicine

Oxycodone hydrochloride. Buy OxyNorm 10mg, 20mg Australia – OxyNorm 10mg for sale Australia

2 Qualitative and Quantitative Composition

OxyNorm 5 mg capsules contains 5 mg of oxycodone hydrochloride.
OxyNorm 10 mg capsules contains 10 mg of oxycodone hydrochloride.
OxyNorm 20 mg capsules contains 20 mg of oxycodone hydrochloride.
OxyNorm Oral liquid contains 1 mg/mL of oxycodone hydrochloride.

3 Pharmaceutical Form

OxyNorm capsules 5 mg (orange/beige), 10 mg (white/beige), 20 mg (pink/beige).
OxyNorm liquid 1 mg/mL is a clear, colourless to straw coloured solution. Buy OxyNorm 10mg, 20mg Australia – OxyNorm 10mg for sale Australia

4 Clinical Particulars


4.1 Therapeutic Indications

OxyNorm is indicated for the short-term management of severe pain for which other treatment options have failed, are contraindicated, not tolerated or are otherwise inappropriate to provide sufficient management of pain.

4.2 Dose and Method of Administration

OxyNorm oral dose forms may not be interchangeable with Endone tablets.
OxyNorm capsules should be swallowed whole and not opened, chewed or crushed.
Limited data suggest that food may significantly increase the amount of oxycodone absorbed from an oral solution (see Section 5.2 Pharmacokinetic Properties, Absorption).
Alcoholic beverages should be avoided by patients while being treated with OxyNorm capsules or liquid. Buy OxyNorm 10mg, 20mg Australia – OxyNorm 10mg for sale Australia

Adults, elderly and children over 18 years.

Prior to initiation and titration of doses, (see Section 4.4 Special Warnings and Precautions for Use) for information on special risk groups such as females and the elderly.
OxyNorm capsules or liquid should be taken at 4-6 hourly intervals. The dosage is dependent on the severity of the pain, and the patient’s previous history of analgesic requirements.
Increasing severity of pain will require an increased dosage of OxyNorm capsules or liquid. The correct dosage for any individual patient is that which controls the pain and is well tolerated throughout the dosing period. Patients should be titrated to pain relief unless unmanageable adverse drug reactions prevent this. Buy OxyNorm 10mg, 20mg Australia – OxyNorm 10mg for sale Australia

OxyNorm capsules or liquid will generally be used in a short-term trial (4-6 weeks) to determine if the pain is opioid responsive, before transferring to a longer acting oxycodone preparation such as OxyContin tablets, in accordance with the Australian clinical guidelines on the use of opioid analgesics in such patients.
The usual starting dose for opioid naive patients or patients presenting with severe pain uncontrolled by weaker opioids is 5 mg 4-6 hourly. The dose should then be carefully titrated, as frequently as once a day if necessary, to achieve pain relief. The majority of patients will not require a daily dose greater than 400 mg. However, a few patients may require higher doses.
Patients receiving oral morphine before oxycodone therapy should have their daily dose based on the following ratio: 10 mg of oral oxycodone is equivalent to 20 mg of oral morphine. It must be emphasised that this is only a guide to the dose of OxyNorm capsules or liquid required. Interpatient variability requires that each patient be carefully titrated to the appropriate dose.
Controlled pharmacokinetic studies in elderly patients (aged over 65 years) have shown that, compared with younger adults, the clearance of oxycodone is only slightly reduced. No untoward adverse drug reactions were seen based on age, therefore, adult doses and dosage intervals are appropriate. Buy OxyNorm 10mg, 20mg Australia – OxyNorm 10mg for sale Australia

Adults with mild to moderate renal impairment and mild hepatic impairment.

The plasma concentration in this patient population may be increased. Therefore, dose initiation should follow a conservative approach (see Section 4.4 Special Warnings and Precautions for Use).

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10mg, 20mg


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